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Our HQ is in the clouds!

The background story

Our HQ is now operational! Our offices are located in the heart of the Warsaw skyline, at the border of two districts Śródmieście and Żoliborz, close to the Dworzec Gdański metro and train station. The Intraco I building was the first modern skyscraper of the Western District of this dynamic city. It was built between 1974 and 1975 by the Swedish company Byggnadsproduktion AB.
This is only one of the many skyscrapers in Warsaw, which is indeed the fifth city in Europe for number of high-rises. The number of skyscrapers in the city continues to grow, forming a highly recognizable and attractive area of the modern metropolis. This is symbol of the ongoing economic growth of the city, which ranks the second for high-rise investment in Europe.

Intraco I rises 138 meters, counting 39 floors. Renovated in 1998, its curtain wall is now light green/cyan, a color that gives the structure a sleek, modern and professional air. Today, the building is almost entirely occupied by offices, but other useful rooms can also be found to increase the quality of services in this old piece of Warsaw such as conference rooms, two restaurants, and even a spa and sauna. Intraco I can thus be summed up as the perfect combination of history and innovation, exactly what we represent with Mc-polska: an experienced team ready to make its way into the Polish market through ideas and projects aimed at revolutionizing the world of digitization.

We are excited to announce that our head quarter is finally operational. it is a source of pride for us to have our offices in the oldest modern skyscraper in the Western District of this vibrant city. Working in such an inspiring environment will surely be an addition to our already promising and ambitious project
Marcin Ciarkowski, General Manager of MC Polska

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