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eInvoicing Solutions

Invoicing is a time-consuming process and can be complicated in the case of large volumes. Electronic invoicing, also known as e-invoicing, is a key element of modern financial documentation management in a business. MC Polska offers comprehensive solutions that allow companies to quickly and securely migrate from traditional invoicing methods to electronic programs. Our services are based on the latest technologies and standards, ensuring our customers are fully transparent, efficient, and compliant with applicable regulations.

KSeF Program: Our Security and Compliance Guarantee

As a leading provider of e-invoicing services in Poland, MC Polska provides services based on advanced solutions that comply with the national e-invoicing system. We guarantee our customers not only safety, but also full compliance with changing legal requirements. The KSeF program allows business owners to focus on running their business, with the confidence that the e-invoicing process is carried out in a legal and secure manner.

Our solutions – your benefits

By using our e-invoicing platforms and software, you have the opportunity to reduce the costs and risks associated with traditional invoicing methods. E-invoicing allows for faster transfer of documents to KSeF to contractors and people responsible for the company’s accounting. Automating processes and providing continuous access to key financial data is also an important step towards more informed and effective business decisions.

E-invoicing: take your business to the next level

At MC Polska we help companies enter the era of e-invoicing, providing comprehensive support at every stage of the process. Regardless of the size of your company or industry, our e-invoicing solutions are tailored to your individual needs and allow you to increase the efficiency of your financial operations.

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  • Must implement eInvoice in their Software
  • Doesn’t have time to develop a specific tool
  • Doesn’t want to worry about regulatory & technology updates
  • Doesn’t want to deal with security issues
  • Multi-channel & Multi-format – No matter if you have XML, CSV or PDF your invoice is on the way (via SFTP or API)
  • Legal conservation – Protect and preserve your documents in a EU-compliant manner
  • Attachments management – If your documents have non-XML info, we’ll securely attach it to your invoice
  • Realtime invoicing due to API
  • Ready and Easy to Use
  • Monitoring – Dashboard
  • Connected with KSEF
  • Compliant with EU regulation


  • is a ERP Provider and doesn’t have the capabilities to built from scratch the eInvoicing solution
  • Must integrate an e-invoicing service into their management system/ERP
  • Looking for a easy and secure installation tool
  • Wants an EIDAS-compliant archiving service
  • Dashboard – Dashboard displaying your documents transmitted to/from KSeF written in you ERP language
  • Account Receivable – produce your eInvoices in the latest KSeF format due to a seamless integration
  • Account Payable – your AP invoices are sent directly to your ERP transaction most appropriate for them
  • Developed in the specific ERP language for your ERP
  • Ready and Easy to Use
  • Monitoring – Dashboard
  • Connected with KSEF
  • Compliant with EU regulation


  • Can’t/won’t make the XML
  • Has information systems that are too complex to handle even e-billing
  • Issues a limited number of invoices and does not want to revolutionise invoicing processes
  • Doesn’t want to worry about regulatory updates
  • Easy to use – Drag&Drop the PDF invoice on the portal and you’re done
  • Compliant – Formal checks and up-to-date updates on KSeF protocols
  • PaaS – No installations required, access your invoices even on mobility
  • Realtime invoicing due to API
  • Ready and Easy to Use
  • Monitoring – Dashboard
  • Connected with KSEF
  • Compliant with EU regulation

Sales Invoice Management

The process of creating, processing, tracking, and managing invoices generated from sales transactions

Payment management

The process of overseeing and controlling the various aspects of financial transactions

Purchase invoice management

The systematic handling and organization of invoices received from suppliers for goods or services purchased by a business. This process includes tasks such as capturing, reviewing, verifying, approving, and processing purchase invoices for payment

Eidas Legal Archiving

Storage of electronic documents in compliance with the Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services (eIDAS) Regulation in the European Union

Compliance consulting

Compliance consultants ensure businesses meet digital invoicing regulations, aiding in software selection, secure protocols, and staying current to reduce legal risks and streamline operations

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