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Do you want to streamline the process of issuing sales documents in your company? Choose MC Polska – a leader in the field of e-invoicing and electronic sales settlement. Our advanced invoice applications offer end-to-end solutions that will allow you to effectively manage your financial documents and increase the efficiency of the invoicing process, while saving time.

Why choose e-invoicing with MC Polska?

Save time: Our powerful app allows you to quickly generate, send, and store electronic invoices. By automating your processes, you can free up capacity and focus on growing your business.

Security and compliance: We care about the confidentiality of your financial data. Our solutions are compliant with the latest legal regulations on electronic invoicing, which gives you peace of mind that your transactions are secure and compliant with applicable regulations, including the KSeF.

Ease of use: the solutions offered by MC Polska have been designed to make e-invoicing intuitive and easy. With a simple interface, you can manage your sales documents quickly and efficiently.

E-invoices: the key to liquidity and efficiency in business

The increasing use of electronic invoicing not only eliminates the need to print and send paper documents, but also allows you to instantly monitor payments and the financial health of your business. With our flexible e-invoicing solutions, you can track payment status in real-time, automatically remind you of overdue invoices, and manage due dates with ease. All this makes the invoice application an indispensable tool for every entrepreneur who wants to maintain financial liquidity and effectively manage their business.

Join the group of satisfied customers who have already trusted MC Polska and enjoy the benefits of electronic invoicing. Contact us today to learn more about our flexible services and choose the package that fits your business needs perfectly. With MC Polska, e-invoicing becomes easier than ever before!

Take advantage of our services today!

In 2023, MC Polska was born, with a bold mission: to bring Italian e-invoicing know-how to Poland.

Since the birth of the concept of e-invoicing in Poland, we have shaped an elite team, composed of legal and technical experts, with a digital expertise that excels, especially in the universe of e-invoicing.

Our secret? A European background that sets us apart, cutting-edge digital experiences, an established network and extensive knowledge of the sector. All of this allows us to make our customers’ journey to full compliance with E-Invoicing smoother than ever before.


Secure API connection for KSeF


White label platform for managing


Prepare the invoice as usual, we will transform your file and send it to KSeF


Fast invoicing and direct intermediation with KSeF


Ready-to-use ERP panel for


Prepare the invoice as usual, we will transform your file and send it to KSeF

Sales Invoice Management

The process of creating, processing, tracking, and managing invoices generated from sales transactions

Payment management

The process of overseeing and controlling the various aspects of financial transactions

Purchase invoice management

The systematic handling and organization of invoices received from suppliers for goods or services purchased by a business. This process includes tasks such as capturing, reviewing, verifying, approving, and processing purchase invoices for payment

Eidas Legal Archiving

Storage of electronic documents in compliance with the Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services (eIDAS) Regulation in the European Union

Compliance consulting

Compliance consultants ensure businesses meet digital invoicing regulations, aiding in software selection, secure protocols, and staying current to reduce legal risks and streamline operations

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